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I've introduced three swaged, pure lead bullets. A 148 grain HBWC for use in Westlake, Alpha and similar revolvers using small charges of nitro powders.

The other two are intended for use in cap & ball revolvers, they are the "Springfield Ball" type. Instead of being a perfectly round ball design they have a driving band to enable better grip on the rifling as it travels down the barrel, enhancing the accuracy potential.

As always, with all good things there is a compromise; it is almost essential that you load the cylinder "off the frame" to ensure the ball goes into the chambers square.

The Springfield Ball are available in .451" & .454" diameters, I've used the .454" in Ruger Old Army revolvers which take a nominal .457" ball, with acceptable accuracy, but I would suggest you try a few first.

The Springfield Ball in the pictures below have been made to weight, they are the same weight as a spherical ball would be in that diameter; 137.2 grains for the .451" and 140.0 grains for the .454". If you want heavier or lighter, I can do that, no problem. Just tell me what weight you want.

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Swaged Lead Bullets  
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.451" Springfield Ball
.454" Springfield Ball

Customer Feedback

This group was shot using a Uberti New Model Army revolver with fixed sights, at 20 yards.

Here is an interesting concept for you to consider; as with all the bullets I make, it is possible to make these Springfield Ball lighter or heavier than standard, to alter the point of impact...!

.451" standard weight is 137.2 grains
.454" standard weight is 14.0 grains

Tell me what weight you want, and I'll make it...


I can wholeheartedly recommend your latest version of the .357” swaged hollow base with the new lube. 

I shot all of those supplied for trial in one session, and no leading of bore or cylinder found. The insertion force of the bullets into the cylinder bores was remarkably consistent, and not too difficult, nor too easy. 

So I’m very impressed by those bullets. Make me 300 more when you can please. I want to explore different loads next. I used the 3.5gr Herco load as I wanted to test the lube, and see what the overall shootability was like. 

I think these are the very best projectile I have ever used in this revolver. I am really looking forward to getting some more!! 

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