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338 Part
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For the purposes of this discussion I've used a 275 grain .338 bullet to illustrate what can be achieved.

At the left of this picture is the copper tube the outer jacket was fabricated from, next is the jacket and I used two inner .25 calibre jackets to form the partition, they are fitted base to base with a core in each.

In these examples the upper inner jacket protrudes from the outer, that was by design, but it doesn't

Chilcotin Hunter
Cariboo Bonded
Cariboo Bonded BT

have to be like that, I also made them with a boat tail, but a flat base would probably be all you need. One, or both of the cores can be bonded, depending on your requirements...! A more traditional closed cup jacket can be used inplace of the copper jacket. Both have their pro's and con's.

I've set out to illustrate what can be made, and what options are open to you, if you are interested in this type of bullet I am happy to discuss your requirements.

Partition Bullets
Swaged Lead Bullets

There are several ways I can build a partition type bullet:

The simplest form of construction is an outer jacket, two lead cores and some form of partition. A gas check or a copper disc of the correct size would be adequate for the job. Either, or both lead cores can be bonded. The size and weight ratio of the two cores can be varied, depending on the terminal performance you want. For example, a heavier rear core will give deeper penetration, simply because it will maintain momentum no matter what happens to the front section!

The picture to the right shows an outer and inner jackets, the inner with the mouth facing the base.

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An alternative is to use an outer jacket, an inner jacket and two lead cores. The inner jacket can be at the base of the outer with a lead core inside and the second core on top, see the picture to the right. Or you can have a lead core at the base with the second jacket sat on it, with a lead core in that.

Both cores can be bonded, although the core in the second jacket, at the base of the outer will need to be bonded prior to being fitted. See picture.

The third way is to use three jackets, an external and two inner jackets, base to base, each holding a lead core. Again, the cores can be bonded, the rear core/jacket will have to be bonded outside the outer jacket prior to fitting.


The picture on the right shows and outer and one inner jacket, with the inner at the front on the bullet, while the picture to the right shows the configuration when three jackets are used.

The jackets can be shortened, if required, a "proper" outer jacket can be used.

The inner jackets obviously increase the strength of the bullet where they are placed. They can be used to slow the rate of expansion, for example if you intend to place your shot into a heavily muscled shoulder area of something big and dangerous you want the bullet to expand but not too rapidly, and you want it to hold together.


Another option is to use copper tube for the outer jacket. Copper is softer and more pliable that the 95:5 or 90:10 copper-zinc alloys used to make bullet jackets. The alloy’s can be a bit brittle and pieces can shear off, even with the core bonded to them. There is less chance of that happening with pure copper. The inner alloy jackets will add strength to the overall structure of the bullet and the copper outer flexibility.

It’s also possible to make the inner jackets from copper, which adds even more complexity to the manufacturing process.

These bullets can be built to your requirements and depending on their intended purpose. A three-jacket bonded core design would be over the top if you’re hunting Chinese water deer, but if you are hunting something big, tough and potentially dangerous they may fit your requirements.

  I will only be building these bullets to order, so that I can best meet your requirements. These truely are built for you!
Below are some pictures of sectioned partition bullets, these where taken straightfrom the milling machine, they have not been touched up in any way, and of the finished article.
  Left: 150, 160 & 175 grain 7mm GameHammer Bullets  
      Left: 180. 200 two jacket, 180 three jacket .308 GameHammer bullets
Below: 410 grain .416 GameHammer, BT bullet              
          Right: 410 grain .416 & 450 grain .458 GameHammer, BT bullets

Right: 250, 275 & 275 grain .338 GameHammer Bullets

The 275 grain on the right has a copper tube outer and two gilding metal inner jackets. Left and centre bullets have the more traditional gilding metal outer and inner jackets used in their construction.


Right: Three jacket 275 grain .338 GameHammer bullet sectioned.

This is a demonstration of what I can make, it's also possible to make these with just one inner jacket, either with the open end facing the font, or the back. Both have their advantages.

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