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The Mistral-T has a combination of three forms of ogive; the ballistic tip is a spire point, blending into the secant form progressing into the tangent segment and finally into the shank of the bullet.

The base is a rebated boat tail, that seals the barrel better giving reduced wear, a cleaner release from the barrel that significantly reduces muzzle blast dispersion. This gives the benefits of both a flat base and the reduced drag of the boat tail down range.

The ballistic tip has almost zero meplat for smooth penetration through air, further reducing drag.

These bullets are ready to shoot, you don't have to wipe lubricant off before use.

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The Mistral-T range of bullets are available in the following calibres;

• 7 mm (.284")
• .308"
• .338"
• .510"

The weight of the bullets is up to you, if what you want is not practical I will let you know at the time of your order.

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Tech Talk

For all you 6.5 mm fans, I'm sorry, the tips and equipment to make 6.5 mm Mistral-T bullets is simply not available right now. I have recently contacted my equipment supplier on this issue, and the answer was "not yet"!

When the equipment/tips become available, I will be the first in the queue to buy it - watch this space.

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I do want to add .375", .408" and .416" calibres to this range, it's a question of time. Watch this space!

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