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Custom Made Rifle Bullets

Hand Crafted in Liverpool, England


To all my customers, old and new, thank you for your business

I'm experiencing extremely high demand for my bullets right now, I'm working through orders as fast as I can, without compromising quality.

I am still taking orders, new orders are added to my list as soon as I get them, as I get closer to your order I will get in touch with you.

Orders are progressed in strict chronological order, no exceptions!

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Cariboo Bonded        
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Welcome to MME Custom Rifle Bullets

My name is Pete Watson, I'm a life long shooter and hunter, and I enjoy making the bullets that you want to shoot. Bullets, and how they are made, has fascinated me since I first started casting, and it's never gone away, even now I still look forward to meeting the demands of shooters.

As my company name implies I am prepared to make the bullets you want, not just those that I think you want!

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This is me, in the picture on the left, here I'm making 410 grain .416" Cariboo Bonded, BT bullets. This is the final stage, they just need degreasing and polishing before they are complete.

Equipment On Order

.311" Flat base spitzer, your choice of weight.

.358" Flat base 1.5E ogive, similar to the Woodleigh

9.3mm Flat base 1.5E ogive, similar to the Woodleigh

.375" Flat base 1.5E ogive, similar to the Woodleigh

.458" Flat base truncated cone for use in Lever Action rifles.

.474" Flat base 1.5E ogive, similar to the Woodleigh, for .470 Nitro Express

I love the challenge of a new design, and working through the problems with the customer. Most times I am successful, sometimes not...! But I will try, and I will give you an honest assessment of if it's practical, or not.  

Calibres Currently Available

.223" (.224"), .243" (6mm), .257". 6.5 mm, .277" (.270). 7 mm, .308", .338", .400" (.411"), .416", .423" (.404"), .458" & .510"


Competition Bullet Ranges

• Wimbledon Match
• Mistral
• Mistral-T


Hunting Bullet Ranges

Chilcotin Hunter
• Cariboo Bonded, BT
• Cariboo Bonded

Specialist Bullet Ranges

• Lever Gun, ST
• Subsonic, BT

Not all calibres of bullet are available in all bullet ranges, checkout what's available in each by visiting the pages dedicated to them, just click on the links on the left of this page.


I'm constantly looking at ways to improve my bullets, both in terms of quality and speed of manufacture, but without compromising quality!

I'm also committed to expanding the range of bullets I make, both calibre wise and varients of the calibres I already make, I'm investing in new equipment as fast as I can. If you don't see what you want, it may be in the pipeline, get in touch with me.



I'm limited by the diameter of the die sets I have, but I'm adding more as fast as I reasonably can, current lead time on a new die set is approximately 6 months, plus shipping time! The other major limitation is the type and length of the jackets I can buy. There are some excellent jackets out there, but trying to track down a consistent supply is a totally different ballgame!


Cast Bullets

Unfortunately, I've retired from the cast bullet game, I simply don't have the time to do it anymore however, if you want cast bullets, I recommend Shellhouse Bullet Company, they make an extensive range of quality cast bullets, visit their website at https://shellhousebulletcompany.com/

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