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My name is Peter Watson, I'm the owner operator of MME Custom Rifle Bullets. That's me in the picture to the left, with the Cariboo Mountains, British Columbia in the background. I had the good fortune of working in the Cariboo region for a couple of years, as a result you will notice the Canadian influences in my product range!

On this page I going to explain how I got here, the events and experiences that have shaped the way I operate.

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Me, with the Cariboo River, BC, Canada in the background
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My aim is to make the best possible bullets that you want, I'm happy to work with you to achieve that goal. Not everything is possible, or financially viable but we can find out together. If there is something special you want, let me know and I'm happy to look into it for you.
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My technical background is in analytical chemistry, I specialized in the regulatory sector; health, safety and environmental aspects. This kind of stuff demands obsessive attention to detail, to give reliable and consistent results, you also need to keep exemplary records of what you have done, to be able to prove that it was done correctly. Almost certainly, this is where I got the OCD side of me...!
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My shooting career began at age eight, I would go out with one of the neighbours when he went hunting rats and rabbits on the farmland that surrounded the area I lived in.

At age 20 I got my first shotgun and it wasn't long before I fell in with a bunch of guys who introduced me to a gun club and I took up handgun shooting.

One night at the range I came across a copy of Bugle magazine, the journal of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. It was full of stories about horseback wilderness hunts, and adverts for the outfitters that did them...! It didn't take long for me to get hooked on the idea!

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Nice Moose, British Columbia
Within a few months I had booked my first horseback, wilderness hunt in the Bitterroot Mountains of central Idaho, having never sat on a horse in my life - what can go wrong...! Actually not much, there's no doubt that it is a tough life out there, but I fell in love with it...! And I had to do it again, and again.....
I can't remember what sparked my interest, but I got the urge to hunt in British Columbia and it happened, repeatedly...! I ended up working out there for a couple of years in the Cariboo Mountains, what an experience!
Back home I took up deer stalking in Scotland, and soon joined a syndicate run by one of the most successful deer stalkers in Scottish history. Horseback
In the middle of all this I met a guy, in a regional airport, somewhere in BC, and he was on his way to Alaska for a coastal brown bear hunt, his rifle was a .458 Lott. I listened to his stories, did my research and decided I had to go....! I picked the area I wanted, bought the rifle, a .404 Jeffery bolt action, then the pricing for these hunts went through the roof, way out of my price range, damn!
Crossing a beaver swamp in BC

So, I had a rifle for a hunt that was unlikely to happen, and the problem of trying to feed it! Brass and powder were no problem, but bullets, hmm...! Not so easy. So I jumped in the deep end and decided to make my own. Which turned out to be the start of my journey to where we are today.

My first venture into making my own bullets was actually when I started shooting handguns, I couldn't get cast bullets of the quality I wanted, so I started casting my own, my personal tally currently stands at around 750000 cast bullets, I don't get obsessed, honestly.....!!

  I haven't neglected target shooting, the bulk of my shooting has been at targets, admittedly for the most part, I was practicing my skills for hunting. You could never call me a serious target shooter, but I do like to compete, I find it does sharpen the edges of my shooting skills. Packing Out  
Sitting here while I type this, and looking back over the past, I now realise that the above is just a very brief precis' of my shooting life, I've done so much, seen so much, it would be hard for me to document adequately.And it was all fun, even the parts that didn't seem fun at the time...! Like the sudden realisation of what you can hear and smell in the pitch dark is a bear, probably less than ten yards away...! I wouldn't change a second of it.

The future for me is bullet shaped!!!

It would be hard for me to argue that I wasn't addicted to making bullets! I enjoy doing it, I find the challenges of producing consistent bullets addictive, I'm constantly looking for ways of improving the way I make them, and to be more efficient in the way I make them, so I can satisfy your needs.

One day I'm hoping to be able to put the ISO9001 logo on my boxes.

Packing out, after a four day "spike camp" on the Halfway River, BC

The challenge of making a bullet design that I've never done before is one of my favourite things to do, I'm not always successful but I will give it a go. If you have an idea, get in touch I will certainly give it some thought, and hopefully get to make your idea come to life.

There are a few of you out there that have helped far more than you will realise. Your ideas, suggestions and comments have helped me look at the problems from a different angle. There are two in particular who have helped me develop bullets and bullet ranges, the 6.5 mm Mistral and the Cariboo Bonded, BT range. For which I am eternally grateful.

I refuse to sit back, I will always welcome your ideas and suggestions.


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