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  Wimbledon Match        
Wimbledon Match
Wimbledon Match  

Named after the famous 1000 yard competition that used to be held on Wimbledon Common, these are my equivalent of the Sierra MatchKing, but with a significantly improved rebated boat tail (RBT).

Featuring a Tangent Ogive they easily give much improved shooting from just about any rifle.

Adding a rebated boat tail extends the life span of your barrel compared to a traditional boat tail. it also gives a cleaner exit from the barrel, with a significant reduction in muzzle blast dispersion.

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The Wimbledon Match range of bullets is available in the following calibres;

• .223, flat base or boat tail
• .243 (6 mm), flat base or boat tail
• .257, flat base
• .270, boat tail
• 7mm, boat tail
• .308, boat tail or flat base
• .338, flat base or boat tail

The choice of bullet weight is up to you, if what you want isn't practical i will let you know at the time or order.

I now have access to even longer jackets in .223 and can make up to 90 grain, possibly a little heavier, HPBT bullets, even heavier if you want a lead tip.

The equipment for making my version of the Mk2 DTAC has arrived, and I'm taking orders. Be aware this bullet needs a 1 in 7" twist rrate to stabilise it. I've also made a 95 grain varient for use in slower twist rate barrels.

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If you want to know a bit more about how these bullets are made, click on this link;

Building a Bullet


All of the Wimbledon Match range of bullets have a tangent ogive, the difference between the 6mm 115 & 95 grain bullets and the rest of the range is the radius of the curve of the ogive, they have a 12-S ogive.

Wimbledon Match, and SMK's have an "8-S" ogive. What this means is that the radius of the ogive is 8 times the diameter of the bullet shank. The higher the number, the greater the radius and more elongated the ogive.

To differentiate between the two styles, my version of the DTAC's will be designated "Wimbledon Match 12-S" on the labeling.


Next up will be .303 (.311") flate base Wimbledon Match, I'm also looking into an 8-S 6.5mm and possibly an 8mm (.323") Wimbledon Match.

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