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  Specialist Bullets            
Specials   The bullets on this page are not really special, As there are only two, I decided to group them together here, until the range develops and increases in scope.  

I am starting to introduce my Lever Gun, ST (Soft Tip) range of bullets. At the moment I'm only doing bullets for the .30-30 Winchester, but the aim is to make them for the .444 Marlin and .45-70 Lever Action riles.

They have a polymer ball at the tip to protect the primer of the cartridge in front in a tubular magazine.

Chilcotin Hunter    
Cariboo Bonded    
Cariboo Bonded BT          
Specialist Bullets  

The other bullet is the first in my Subsonic, BT (Ball Tip) range of bullets.

Ideally subsonic bullets should be heavy for calibre, but you would need a faster than normal twist rate in your barrel to stabilise the bullet.

Partition Bullets
Swaged Lead Bullets

It is essential that a bullet designed for subsonic flight has a boat tail, the ball tip aids in the feeding through the magazine of your rifle, it also provides a wide frontal area (meplat) that will help to initiate expansion on impact.

If you are deer stalking near to a built up area, these are worth considering. Combined with a moderator on your rifle, disturbance to the environment around you will be minimal.

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I think its a case of "watch this space"! If you are interested in subsonic bullets, I would be happy to work with you to develop the bullets you want.

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