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For those of you new to shooting, or have just taken a greater interest in bullets and attendant technical information, I've set out to explain the various technical terms used throughout this website.


Spitzer: A type of bullet that the sides curve to the point of the bullet, this is called the "ogive."

Ogive: Pronouced "oh-jive" This is the curved "nose" of the bullet leading to the tip, only spitzer type bullets have an ogive.

Spire Point: The other shape of bullet "nose", straight sides leading to the point, similar to a church spire.

Meplat: The very tip, or front of the bullet.

Boat Tail: The base of the bullet shaped like the stern of a boat for aerodynamic purposes.

Rebated Boat Tail: The boat tail is inset, or rebated, from the shank of the bullet.

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Swaged Lead Bullets     Tangent Ogive: The curve of the ogive intersects the line of the bullet shank at exactly 180 degrees. If the curve of the ogive and the line of the shank were continued, the line of the shank would touch the surface of the curve.  



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Secant Ogive: The curve of the ogive intersects the line of the shank at an off-set.

Hybrid Ogive: A combination of Tangent and Secant forms. The ogive starts at a tangent from the line of the shank for a short distance then switches to a secant form.

Ballistic Tip: A separate tip that has been added to the front of the bullet to enhance ballistc perfomance.

Bonded Core: This is where the lead core of the bullets has been chemically bonded to the jacket material to prevent it separating on impact. Primarily used in hunting bullets, weight retention is enhanced, promoting greater penetraion of the bullet.

Ball Tip (BT): A polymer ball inserted in the tip of the bullet to enhance ammunition feeding from the magazine. They also protect the tip of the bullet in heavy recoiling rifles, and will also help initiate expansion on impact.



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