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Custom Made Rifle Bullets

Hand Crafted in Liverpool, England

  Customer Feedback                      
Below is some of the feedback I get from customers about my bullets. Please note: I will never publish names or load data for the groups shot in the photographs.  

Thank you for the excellent 220 grain Cariboo .308's, curiously they group exactly alongside the 180 grain ballistic tips I use with the same powder charge. The accuracy is exceptional but their performance on Wild Boar has to be seen to be believed.

Thank you for a great UK made bullet.      TC

Chilcotin Hunter      
Cariboo Bonded                                          
      6.5 140 Mistral                                
Cariboo Bonnded BT        

6.5 mm 140 grain Mistral

This group was shot using a Sauer ST200 in 6.5 x 55 Swedish, at 50 yards.

Specialist Bullets    
Partition Bullets      
Swaged Lead Bullets         308 168 Mistral    

.308" 168 grain Mistral

These four groups were shot using a Sako TRG 22, the picture below records that data obtained during this session.

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Customer Feedback 308 168 Mistral Data
Tech Talk  
New Brass

Thank you for the .416 Cariboo bullets received last week. The 410 grain bullets have worked perfectly in both my .416 Remington and .416 Rigby. The real revelation was the 450 grain .416's. When tested in my .416 Remington, the felt recoil was barely different from the 410 grainers, but the extra energy is massive.

These bullets are superb, I can't wait for the .500 (.510) Cariboo's to be Ready

                      338 300 M-T  

.338 300 grain Mistral-T

The rifle for this group, on the left was a Desert Tactical Arms, in .338 Lapua Magnum, at 100 yards.

Note: The group size is edge to edge, not centre to centre.

      ...I think I'm very lucky to know you, and all the help you have given me over the years, it was down to you that I got into reloading, something that I am quite passionate about these days, so thank you...


@\:$*# best group of any I tested today!!!And I shot factory, home load Barnes, Lapua and Fox. Brilliant mate, so @\:$*# chuffed. Thank you

…I’m so chuffed with the 6.5 120 Cariboo Bonded shooting 0.6”, that’s “match” accuracy in a hunting barrel. Also 2850 fps will get me out to 400+ metres hunting baboons. CR

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