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  Cariboo Bonded            
Cariboo Bonded  

Like the BT variant, these bullets are built with the same un-compromising attention to detail. These only differ from the BT by having a traditional lead tip, I can also make them with a "protected tip", where the lead tip is either level or just proud of the jacket.

The same chemical bonding process is used to ensure maximum weight retention. Terminal performance is outstanding.

If you are looking for a bullet with a higher BC for taking game further out, but still need the ultimate in terminal performance, these are the bullets you need.

Chilcotin Hunter  
Cariboo Bonded  
Cariboo Bonded BT        
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Partition Bullets
Swaged Lead Bullets

The Cariboo Bonded bullet range is available in the following calibre's;

• .243", flat base
• .257" flat base
•  6.5 mm, boat tail
• .277", boat tail
•  7 mm, boat tail
• .308", flat base or boat tail
• .338", flat base or boat tail

I can make all of the commonly available weight bullets in these calibre's, but if there is something different you want - ask!

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Evolution - As with all my bullet ranges, these are constantly evolving. If there is something specific you want, or even just an idea, get in touch and we can see if we can develop the next wonder bullet together, I may have already made want you want!
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