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The Mistral range is named after the wind that blows from the North-west through Europe into the Mediterranean Sea.

This is the original hybrid, from which all other hybrid designs have evolved, as developed by Dave Corbin back in the 1970's.

These have the added advantage of a rebated boat tail, reducing muzzle blast dispersion significantly when compared to the traditional boat tail design, and also reducing barrel wear by providing a better bullet to barrel seal.

Customer feedback suggests that these bullets thrive on velocity! Some disagree with me, see below for details

With all hybrid and secant ogive bullets, seating depth in the case can be an issue. A good starting point with these bullets is about 0.030" off the lands, obviously this will vary from rifle to rifle.

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The Mistral range of bullets is available in the following calibres;

• 6.5 mm
• 7 mm
• .308

All come with a rebated boat tail, and available in all practical weights for calibre,

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The next stages of evolution in this range is to add 6 mm and .338" bullets

  M1 Groups             M1 Data        
    The groups on the left were shot with a straight pull M1 Garand using reduced loads, the bullet was a 168 grain Mistral at about 1400 to 1500 fps          
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