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I stock cast bullets by Shellhouse Bullet Company

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Above are five of the high ballistic coeficient bullets I make, anti-clockwise from the top; 750 grain .50 Cal Mistral-T, 300 grain .338 Mistral-T, 230 grain .308 Mistral-T, 180 grain 7mm Mistral-T & 175 grain 7mm Mistral.

I make both Match grade and Hunting bullets, each type is split into two categories, see below for details on each category, and the Jacketed Bullet page for more comprehensive details on calibre and weight availability etc.

Over the coming months I'm going to add some technical information about my bullets, and bullets in general. If you're interested in bonded core bullets, and how they are made, click here.

For information on boat tail bullets, click here

Mistral & Mistral-T

These are my high ballistic coefficient range of match grade bullets. They are both hybrid designs, that is they have a combination of tangent and secant ogive. The major difference between the two types is that the Mistral-T has an aluminium tip that has a practically zero meplat, further increasing the BC.

Wimbledon Match

These are what I would call by "standard" range of match grade bullet, equivalent to the Sierra range of MatchKings - but better.

Chilcotin Hunter

These are my standard range of hunting bullets, made to the same exacting standard as the Match grade bullets. These are for those times when you don't need the ultimate in terminal ballistic performance.


Cariboo Bonded

As the name implies, the core of these bullets is chemically bonded to the jacket to maximise weight retention on impact. Terminal ballistic performance of these bullets is outstanding, and made to the same high standard as all my bullets.

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