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Target Bullets

I make three types of target rifle bullets; Wimbledon Match, named after the 1000 yard rifle competition, started in the nineteenth century and actually shot on Wimbledon Common. That would be an interesting project to do it today!!

Mistral; named after the North-westerly wind that blows into the Mediterranean sea from France. These are a hybrid design for the shooter who demands a higher ballistic coefficient.

Mistral-T; these have a ballistic tip with almost zero meplat fitted to give an even higher ballistic coefficient.

.223, 6mm & .257 variants are only available as flat base. .270, 7mm, .308, .338 & .50 all come as a boat tail as standard.

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My apologies to all you 6.5mm shooters, at the moment I can't make bullets for you, however I am working on that! Getting a reliable supply of jackets is proving to be difficult at the moment - watch this space!
Wimbledon Match

The picture below shows a selection of the Wimbledon Match bullets I make. These are comparable with bullets such as the Sierra range of MatchKing bullets, they have a tangent ogive and as a consequence are relatively easy to get to shoot well, out of most rifles.
From the left; .223 55 grain, 7mm 150 grain, .308 1555 grain, 168 grain and 200 grain. You are not restricted to these weights, let me know what yoiu want and we can sort something out for you.


This is a "hybrid" design, a combination of tangent and secant ogives, designed to fool the laws of physics, sometimes!! Inherent in this design is a significantly increased ballistic coefficient. They do have their issues; sometimes they can be a bit of a challenge to shoot well, but put the time and effort in and the rewards are well worth it. The increased BC will shine through for the long range shooter.

I make these in 7mm and .308 right now, in just about any practical bullet weight that you want. Contact me with your requirements.

From the left; 7mm 175, .308 155 and .308 180

If you want the highest possible BC in your bullets, this is the way to go! They are a combination of spire point (ballistic tip) secant and tangent ogives.
From the left; .7mm-180, 7mm 190, 308-155, .308-168, .308 200, .308 230, .338-300 & .50-750
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