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Custom Made Rifle Bullets - Hand Crafted in England

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Below is a list of most of the things I can supply, unfortunately it's not possible for me to stock everything from every supplier, as I would like to; if I don't have what you want I will do my best to get it for you in the shortest time possible. If I can't get it, I'll tell you, I'm not in the habit of wasting peoples time.

Brass by Norma, RWS, Geco, Lapua, Starline & PPU.

Bullets by Sierra, Berger, Lapua, Norma, RWS, Geco, Hornady & PPU

Reloading Equipment by Forster, Hornady, Lyman, Lee etc.

Optics by Geco, Docter Optic, March and just about everyone else!

Scope Mounts by Tier One, Sports Match, Sphur, Warne and many others

Holsters etc try John at www.pistolleather.co.uk for high quality leather work at a good price.

Cast Bullets by Shellhouse Bullet Company

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