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I make two types of hunting bullet; Chilcotin Hunter and Cariboo Bonded. They are visually identical, but are significantly different in construction. In standard format they come with a tangent ogive, if you need them with a hybrid ogive let me know and we can work something out. For more information on the core bonding process click here.

If you want the ulrtimate performance on whatever you are hunting, bonded core bullets will deliver that for you. They are essential if you are hunting something thatr can bite back!

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From the left; .223 55, .223 69, .243 90, .257 90, .270 130, .270 150, 7mm 160 & .308 180. The 7mm and .308 are both bonded core bullets, click here for more information on the bonding process.

Both of these bullets are named after regions in central British Columbia, the Chilcotin region is largely ranch country but with some excellent hunting opportunites. The Cariboo region is a mountainous area and home of a very large population of bear, both grizzly and black.

If you ever get the urge to do some serious hunting I can put you in touch with some good outfitters.
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