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Custom Made Rifle Bullets

Hand Crafted in Liverpool, England

  Cariboo Bonded, Ball Tip            
Cariboo Bonded BT    

Named after the Cariboo Mountains in British Columbia where I lived for a couple of years. The lead core is chemically bonded to the jacket to prevent separation no matter what they hit.

The polymer Ball in the tip ensures reliable feeding from the magazine, protecting the tip of the bullet while in the magazine during recoil and initiates the expansion process on impact.

These bullets are built with the sole purpose of providing the ultimate in terminal performance.

They are built tough to be able to withstand close range impact without falling apart.

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Cariboo Bonded  
Cariboo Bonded BT          
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The Cariboo bonded, BT range of bullets are available in the following calibres & weights;

• 7 mm - 175 grain, boat tail
• .308" - 200 & 220 grain, flat base or boat tail
• .338" - 250, 275 & 300 grain, flat base or boat tail
• .411" - 400 grain, flat base
• .416" - 400, 410 & 450 grain, flat base
• .423" - 400 & 450 grain flat base
• .458" - 450 grain flat base
• .505" - 525 & 600 grain flat base
• .510" - 535, 570 & 600 grain flat base

Other weights are available on request, if you require anything special don't hesitate to ask.

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One of the major problems of shooting large bore rifles in this country is finding a consistent supply of suitable bullets for your rifle, I found this with my .404 Jeffery, which led to me making my own! Even when you do find a dealer that actually stocks the bullets you want, quite often they can't get them because the importer won't carry a large enough stock, and the next shipment could be months away!

I am committed to providing a consistent supply of the bullets you want

Because of the complexity of making these bullets, as a general rule, I make them to order and your requirements. I have individual manufacturing specifications for each customer, depending on their specific needs.

The "custom" in my company name is there for a reason; I will adapt to your requirements, that is what I do. I put a huge amount of time and effort into making these bullets, to meet your requirements.

I carry a healthy stock of raw materials to ensure there is a consistent supply of these bullets.


If you want to know a bit more about how these bullets are made, click on this link;

Building A Bullet

"A quick note to share my appreciation of your 450 grain Cariboo 458's. Having recognised the effectiveness of a 450 grain bullet in both .458 Win Mag and 458 Lott, availability was a constant issue. The 450 grain Cariboo was a perfect solution and coincidentally it has cured the feed issues that often plague CZ's and BRNO's and the more exotic UK brands built on them. I have now used the 450 grain Cariboo's in 4 different 458 rifles, a Rigby 458 Lott, a CZ 458 Win Mag, a Klintworth Custom 458 Lott and a silenced Remington 700 458 Win Mag, the accuracy is exceptional and I've had no feed issues with any of the rifles. I just now need to stop some hearts with these bullets."
      Tim Cooper
Colonial Firearms Ltd

Customer Feedback

The group in the picture to the left was shot with a custom built Ruger No1 in .45-70 Government, as you can see, it's a stout load..!



This range of bullets will continue to evolve with time.

Now available to order - .505 and .510" for the .505 Gibbs and .500 Nitro Express & Jeffery etc.

In addition to the above, I now have .311", .358", 9.3mm and .474" bullet making equipment in the pipeline, in the current climate I'm expecting at least 12 months wait for it to arrive!

Future Plans

There is no limit to the range of bullet diameters I can make, I can get bullet jackets up to 0.70"! What comes next will be driven by customer demand.

At the moment I'm looking at .358", 9.3 mm and .375" as the next project, but there are so many of these wonderful calibre's out there...!

The ultimate aim, for me, is to make them all.

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